The Benefits of a New Boiler!


The Benefits of a New Boiler!


Your boiler is the most important component of your central heating system. It is responsible for heating your property and maintaining the internal temperature. As with any appliance in your home, your boiler will begin to lose its efficiency due to regular use and parts becoming worn. West London Plumbers specialise in boiler replacements and installations and have recently completed several installations throughout Hempstead. Here are 7 reasons why you should be looking to have a new boiler installed in your home!


  1. Improve the Efficiency of Your Boiler

By replacing your old boiler with a more energy efficient one, you can increase the effectiveness of your boiler. This means that it will require less energy to heat your water and central heating. An older boiler will eventually begin to require more and more energy to warm your home due to general wear and tear damage. A new boiler means that your home is once again running as efficiently as possible.



  1. An Energy Efficient Boiler Means Saving Money on Your Energy Bills

A new boiler is more energy efficient meaning that it will use less energy in order to warm your water and your central heating. By using less energy, you will see a decrease in the cost of your energy bills. Having a new A-rated boiler installed could save you up to £340 per year! This means that the cost of a new boiler installation will be recouped in just a few short years!


  1. An Energy Efficient Boiler Will Decrease Your Environmental Impact

Reducing our carbon footprint have become buzzwords over the last few years as more and more people become aware of the impact that they are having on the environment. Whether you have a gas, electric or oil boiler, this will play a major role in the size of the carbon footprint that your home creates. As your boiler is in regular use, it requires a lot of energy to operate. By having a newer, more energy efficient boiler installed, you can dramatically reduce the environmental impact that your home has on our planet!


  1. Maintain Accurate Control of the Temperature of Your Home

By having a new, modern boiler installed in your home, you can make sure that your property is always at a comfortable temperature. Modern boilers come with a far more sophisticated temperature control than their older counterparts. This means that you can maintain a stable temperature in your home without wasting energy. Additionally, lots of modern boilers can be controlled through an app on your phone meaning that you are always in control, even if you aren’t at home!


  1. A More Attractive Home

Properties that have had new boilers installed are more attractive to potential buyers or tenants. If there is a possibility that you may move home in the future, or if you are the landlord of a rented property, then having a new boiler installed will help to increase the value of your building. An older boiler can often be off-putting to any prospective buyers or tenants, whereas a new boiler shows a prospective buyer or tenant that the property is the best that it can be.


  1. New Boilers Are Smaller Than Old Boilers

If you have an old boiler in your property, it could be taking up a lot more space than is necessary. New boilers are more compact which means that they can save you a lot of space. This can be highly useful if you are undergoing renovations or refurbishments as you can create more space in your home that can be used for a variety of purposes. 


  1. A New Boiler Means A Quieter Home

Older boilers can often be loud and unpleasant. Have you ever sat in your home and heard the loud groan of the boiler turning on and heating the water in your central heating? By having a new boiler installed, you can significantly reduce the amount of noise that is made whenever the hot water is running or your central heating is on. Most modern boilers run in almost complete silence, so no more groaning walls in the middle of the night!


At West London Plumbers, we are experts in the maintenance and installation of boilers. If you would like some advice on how a new boiler could improve the quality of life in your home, call us today on 07913620199.


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